Mr. Jaihind Maurya ( Director)

Mr. Mrityunjay Mishra (Director)

Mr. Soorya Prakash (Director)

Mission and Vision

Mission: Cheeranjiviplus Pharmacuticals & Research Centre Pvt. Ltd encourages a comprehensive approach to health, which understands the individual as a complex combination of elements capable of being brought into harmony. We are committed to enhancing positivity and wellbeing in individuals, the environment and the global community.
Vision: Cheeranjiviplus Pharmacuticals & Research Centre Pvt. Ltd continues to advance the use of Ayurvedic practices around the world, establishing an international community of therapists, doctors, educators, hoteliers and retreat providers to give our clients the best wellbeing experience. Cheeranjiviplus Pharmacuticals & Research Centre Pvt. Ltd seeks partnerships and investment to expand their mission of empowering individuals to transform their lifestyle and future health.

Research and Development

R&D is the key for any pharmaceutical industry. Although there is lot of knowledge in the ancient text of ayurveda R&D is neccesary to make it suitable in todays context. Strong Research and Development (R&D) The Company focuses on ongoing R&D, which helps it to achieve two objectives, products up-gradation and development. Our Company has developed a variety of products on the basis of their continued and in depth efforts in R & D. The Herbal and Ayurveda centric products of the Company are the examples of this. These range of products are developed after extensive research on Ayurveda coupled with modern scientific practices. Research is the core and foundation of Cheeranjiviplus Pharmacuticals & Research Centre Pvt. Ltd, enabling it to provide best quality products for effective cure.